PALOMA MERLOT 2010は、幻に・・・

我々がこよなく愛するPALOMA VINEYARDから悲しいお知らせが・・・






As many of you already know, the 2010 growing season was one of the most difficult in Napa Valley history. Spring was cold, then summer and fall were cool, ultimately resulting in difficulty ripening the fruit to the levels we demand. Making wine with less than ripe grapes is like eating under-ripe fruit—it doesn't work—at least not for us!


At this stage of the 2010 maturity, we are not satisfied with its development. Therefore, we are not going to release the 2010 wines in October as usual. We hope you understand our need for the wines meet "our" highest standards. Please be patient and we will keep you informed.